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Creating Edges With Stack Leverage in No-Limit Hold’em Poker

The game of poker is about finding edges where you expect a positive return on the investments you’re putting in the pot in the form of bets and raises. In big-bet games like no-limit hold’em, you can be more creative with creating edges because of the larger flexibility given to your bet and raise sizes than in the more traditional fixed-limit betting games or pot-limit games. Here we’re going to look at how you can use this flexibility to find creative plays and to make more money in no-limit hold’em.

You have to realize what no-limit really means. It means that at any moment, you can bet all of your chips in one betting action, so that’s always a threat in the air. You can use this threat in the form of leverage over your opponent, especially when your opponent is out of position with a medium-sized pot. Suppose the turn pot is $120 and you have $480 left behind and your opponent checks to you (assume you’re the only two players left in the pot). You have a good draw and you suspect that your opponent has a medium strength hand from the way he has played so far. If you bet on the turn for pot and your opponent calls, the river pot will be $360 with $360 left behind, and your opponent isn’t going to have a good idea of where he stands. By betting just $120 on the turn, you threaten your opponent with the rest of the effective stacks, which cripples his ability to make +EV decisions, even if he thinks he might have the best hand.

Anytime you can make one bet that threatens a larger amount later in the hand, you have an opportunity to leverage the remaining stacks to devastating effect.

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