Super Bowl 2010

Super Bowl 2010 was between the Colts and the Saints. Even though this game took place last year, there are many conclusions that can be drawn from this game. First Super Bowl 2010 had the Colts as the overall favorites, with the Saints as the major underdogs. Next the Colts played very conservatively in Super Bowl 2010. And the Saints played the exact opposite, they played aggressively.

Super Bowl 2010: Meaning

What does the above information mean? Simple many Super Bowls are won by the team that takes the most risks. Who will take more risks in this weekend’s Super Bowl. The Packers or the Steelers? I think this will be a major deciding factor on who wins the game. I do not think any team will have the advantage here. Neither one of these teams plays conservatively.

Super Bowl 2010: Defense

In Super Bowl 2010, neither the Colts or the Saints had a great defense. What the Colts and the Saints had was 2 defense’s playing very good football in the playoffs. In this Super Bowl the Packers have a good defense and the Steelers have a great defense. Obviously advantage Steelers.

Super Bowl 2010: Conclusion

In Super Bowl 2010, the Colts played conservatively and the Saints were the aggressive team. And that was the difference and that is why the Saints were able to win. The Steelers will win this Super Bowl because they will play to win and they will not play not to lose. They will not play like the Colts did in Super Bowl 2010.

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