How to Play Fantasy Football on FanDuel

The NFL is back for another great year which in turn means daily fantasy sports for FanDuel & DraftKings have returned. After reading this article, you should have a great understanding on how to play fantasy football on the very popular and trending sites known as FanDuel and DraftKings.

How I got Here:

I have been playing daily fantasy sports for over 4 years and have been very successful in the NFL. Over the years I have had many tough breaks, some huge wins, and some serious nail biters. Through it all I have gained plenty of knowledge and plan on sharing it with you so you can be successful. So let’s get right into it with how to properly manage your bankroll!

How To Manage Your FanDuel BankRoll:

This is the hands down the most important and most often overlooked aspect for daily fantasy sports players. Ask yourself, do you have a plan when it comes to how much money you use? Or better yet, what kind of strategy do you deploy when picking out which lobbies you enter in? If you don’t have an answer to these questions, this article will help you put things into perspective.

FanDuel BankRoll Strategy:

If you are new and just made your first deposit this is very helpful information on how to increase your bankroll. Say you deposited $25 when you signed up for an account on FanDuel. Now, Instead of getting money hungry and entering all your cash into  large tournament lobbies right away, sit back and make a plan. Start by entering into a $10 – 100 person- 50/50 lobby because those are the easiest to place in the money. Then enter into a $5 – 50/50 lobby. So now you have $15 total entered into two different lobbies, which in turn gives you a chance at winning a total of $27. Now, you still have $10 to play with from your initial deposit. The key is to make sure you are increasing your bankroll each week.

Getting Started On FanDuel:

First, you must choose what kind of lobby you would like to enter into. On FanDuel, there are 5 different types of lobbies that you can join. Here are the 5 options Below:images-1

Tournament Lobbies: These type of lobbies are full of high-paying contests that have guaranteed prize pools. This means if the FanDuel lobby doesn’t fill up before kickoff, it will still run with the same amount of payouts. You can win a very large sum of money in a tournament lobby for just a $1 buy in.

3-100 Player Lobbies: This type of lobby one where you as the player compete against a lot fewer people than any other types of lobbies. However, there are all kinds of payout structures within this format. You could make it a 100 player lobby and make it so the person who comes in 1st takes all the winnings. Or you could simply make it a 100 person lobby and the top 50% win.

Head 2 Head Lobbies: Head to Head matches are designed so that you go 1 on 1 against a random opponent. The odds of winning are higher in this type of lobby because your up against one person. If you enter a $25 head to head match on FanDuel and win, you will get paid a handsome $45.
50-50 Lobbies: In this type of lobby you can come in first and you’ll still be making the same amount as the person who barely placed in the money. This is one of the best type of lobbies to make money in because the top 50% of players get paid.

Multiplier Lobbies: Depending on the lobby you enter, you can either double, triple, or quintuple your buy in. The difficult part about  these multiplier lobbies is that the odds of placing in the money are a lot more difficult. In a quintuple up, roughly the top 20% of players will make money.

FanDuel For Beginners:

If you are new to FanDuel or DraftKings and you just made your first deposit, you’re probably thinking to yourself, what type of lobby should I enter first? The answer to that is easy, if you have a lot of experience.

After many years of playing FanDuel I quickly realized the 50/50 lobbies are by far the easiest way to end up in the money. When playing in the large tournament lobbies you run into all the sharks on FanDuel who enter 100 different lineups into the same lobby. It’s tough to beat someone when they have 100 different combinations. Also, roughly the top 30% takes home any money. However, when you do a 50-50 lobby, there are way less people and 50% of the lobby wins.

Why 50/50 Lobbies?:

Say you enter a $10 50/50 lobby that has a total of 100 people. The top 50% of the people will make $18. (This is because FanDuel makes a cut off each lobby). Now, here is why this is a the best type of lobby to enter if you are a beginner. The average score of the large tournament slates are almost always significantly higher than the 50/50 lobbies are. So say you missed out on placing in a large tournament lobby by 2 points. It is almost guaranteed that you would have placed with that same lineup in a smaller 50/50 lobby.

Don’t Get Discouraged, It’ll Get Easier:

Now that you know what lobbies to enter and how much to spend on them, try it out and see what happens. FanDuel can be your best friend one moment and then the next moment you may say you never want to play again. That’s just is the way it goes. However, if you give this strategy a try, you will start seeing your bankroll increase each week. The best part is once you start making enough money and getting more confident, you can then start entering the large tournament lobbies with the extra cash you’ve already won from the 50/50 lobbies. Lastly, even the best daily fantasy sports players have off weeks and lose money, so if you don’t start out hot in week 1, do not give up on yourself. Best of luck to all of you this year on FanDuel & DraftKings!

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