NFC Playoffs 2010- Chicago Bears VS. Green Bay Packers

In the NFC playoffs 2010, the Bears are hosting the Packers this year. Many people are picking the Packers to win big in Sunday’s game. I’ll give you a couple reasons why this game will be a lot closer than many of the so called experts on ESPN are predicting.

NFC Playoffs 2010- Packers Beating The Falcons

Last week the Packers dominated the Falcons at home. Firstoff, the Falcons are a decent team not a great team. Everything in last week’s game was setup for the Packers to dominate. The Green Bay Packers are a speed team and playing indoors last week against the Falcons was a huge advantage for them. The Falcons tried to blitz Aaron Rodgers for a majority of the game, it did not work. Aaron Rodgers has way too quick of a release. Secondly the Packers are a speed defense they are built to play indoors.

NFC Playoffs 2010- Packers VS. Bears

In the NFC playoffs 2010 the Packers will not have a huge advantage over the Bears. First the field will come into play. The field at Soldier field is one of the worst fields in the NFL. This will take away Green Bay’s speed advantage on defense and offense. Secondly the Chicago Bear defense will not blitz Aaron Rodgers very much. The Chicago Bear’s defense plays a defense called Tampa 2. In this defense they will only rush 4 defenders and drop back 7. Aaron Rodgers will have to find the open WR while having to defend a very solid defensive line, lead by Julius Peppers.

Green Bay’s defense is used to having an extra DB in the game to blitz. The Bears will want to run the ball and if they are successful at running the ball. The Packers will have to come out of this defense and put in an extra linebacker which will hurt the Packers defense.

NFC Playoffs 2010- Conclusion

For the NFC Playoffs 2010 conclusion,  I am taking the Chicago Bears plus the 3 1/2 points given to them. I highly doubt this will be a blowout because both teams have played each other twice this season already. The Packers do not match up well against the Bears plus the Packers speed will not be a factor in this game because of the field and weather. Aaron Rodgers will not be blitzed and he will have to find a way to get the ball to his WR’s. The only X factor in this game will be the Green Bay Packer’s running game. If the Packers can establish the run look for them to win, if they cannot it will be a really close game. I’m counting on them not being able to run the ball in the NFC Playoffs 2010.

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