New York Jets 2010

All hype and that’s about it. That will pretty much sum up the 2010 New York Jets season. Sorry Jets fans but it’s the truth. This team is not a Super Bowl Caliber team, at least for this year.

Let’s take a look at last season. First off, the Jets making it into the playoffs was purely luck of their schedule. Rex Ryan even said they were out but the Bengals and Colts laid down, allowing the Jets in. So they beat an overrated Bengals team in the first round and the Chargers who always choke in the playoffs, by the way. Grrrrrreat! That doesn’t make them a Super Bowl team.

We’ll start with the head coach Rex Ryan. Great defensive coordinator, not a great head coach. Next, he’s already putting a major bulls eye on this team with all the crap he’s talking. And I highly doubt his team can back it up.

Next we’ll move over to the defense, which is pretty solid by the way. But with or without Revis, it will not make difference. The defense is not good enough to carry them to Super Bowl.  This Jets defense will not only have to stop people but also put up points because their offense is pure garbage.

The Jets  philosophy is to play great defense and pound the ball out on offense. Last year it worked well because of 2 things. The first, the offense line was much better last season and secondly Thomas Jones.  The Jets letting Thomas Jones go was purely stupid.

So we’ll start off at Running Back.  Shaun Green is a good running back but he is not an every down running back. And he is injury prone. Which is why Thomas Jones backing him up was perfect. Bringing in Ladainian Tomlinson was a bonehead move. First LT has nothing left in the tank. And yes I’ve seen a few preseason games but head’s up, preseason games don’t mean shit. LT wants to prove more than anything he still has gas left in the tank. He doesn’t. Thomas Jones could grind, LT will not be able to. Thomas Jones was the ultimate team player, LT cares about LT. Ask the Chargers!

Without having the strong running game they had last year, they will have to depend on Mark Sanchez a lot more.  Mark Sanchez is an average QB at best and not ready to handle the pressure of playing in the NFL. Also the offensive line has taken a few steps back this year as well.

Having a young QB who lacks confidence, the Jets go ahead and bring in 2 knuckleheads at Wide Receiver, Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes. Bringing these 2 in will not help Sanchez in any way. Instead it’s going to set the Jets back further.

The bottom line with the Jets for this season is a bunch of bark with no bite. The HBO show they have is great and Rex Ryan calling out the NFL teams  makes for great conversation on ESPN but it will not translate into wins for this team.

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