Marijuana: An Epidemic or Overreaction?

Whether you’re for the recreational use of pot or not, one thing is certain. Marijuana is on the rise of becoming legal all across the country, and for many of us, we’re screaming “about time!” For weed to still be illegal today just is honestly mind-blowing.


How are we going to let people drink alcohol, which is pretty much just putting poison in your body, and not let them roll up weed, which has shown to have virtually zero negative aspects, unless taken in by smoking it.


Let’s just run by a few quick facts about pot, just to show just how ridiculous it is that the “drug” is still illegal.


  • It can help decrease anxiety and depression, in which 15 million Americans are affected by depression alone, according to the ADAA
  • CBD, a chemical found in marijuana, stops cancer cells from spreading.
  • Marijuana can improve lung health and reverse effects caused from smoking tobacco.


Of course, there are plenty of other benefits to recreational use of pot, but that isn’t what this article is all about. Just recently, Jeff Sessions, a man who is against pot, has stated how its linking to the opioid crisis in our country.


These lame attempts to give marijuana a bad name are honestly getting old. Many people can see clearly that there are so many medical benefits that can be directly related back to use of weed. Also, veterans that battle with opioid addictions are insulted by Sessions statements recently about the recreational “drug”.  (Here’s the link for the article, Military Veterans Defy Jeff Sessions)


As an entire country, we are attacking marijuana way too heavily. We treat people that are caught with a few grams as serial killers, which is just ridiculous. We flood prisons with marijuana users and dealers at an insane amount, using our taxpaying money on people that just smoke pot.


Check out these quick facts:

  • According to the Huffington Post, in 2014, every 51 seconds an arrest is made based off marijuana charges, and over 700,000 arrests were made in that same year for the same charges.
  • Nearly 90% was just off of a possession charge.


Think about those numbers for a second. In less than a minute, someone is arrested for marijuana, and 90% of the time, its just a possession. We are wasting not only our law enforcement time that could be used to be helpful in actual crimes, but we are also wasting money locking these individuals up.


The big problem is, cops look for this shit. They look to bust people for having pot and treat it like pounds of cocaine. Instead of using time and energy that could be used to help lower crime rates and gang violence, we’ve been arresting more than half a million people a year for pot.


Marijuana arrests also were much more prominent than violent crime arrests, which I guess can go both ways, but over 500,000 people?! Absurd. It goes to show as well that we target marijuana much too heavily in this country, and it needs to come to an end.


Some economists have said according to the Huffington Post, that our country could save nearly $14 billion dollars. Think about that for a second. That’s 14 more billion to put towards cancer research, development for hospitals, help those shook by disasters, help rundown neighborhoods, homeless shelters, etc…All if we as a country, can agree to legalize recreational use for marijuana.


Now of course, let’s be rational here as it isn’t that simple. Anyone that smokes pot knows if their guy has good strands, that they aren’t going out of their way for the medical strands, as it is really hit or miss in that department.


The government knows plenty of people will still continue to grow and sell individually, so I think that’s really a limiting factor in getting countrywide agreement on legalizing marijuana. In order to have it fully legalized, they’ll need two things; to make money, (a lot of it), and to have control of distribution.

Well they’ll certainly probably hit the first need but having full control of distribution would be nearly impossible. Nonetheless, hopefully we can see these irrelevant barriers be taken down, resulting in the legalization of pot.


Only time will really tell with how this will all go down. However, with the virtually zero downsides to marijuana, plus all of the health benefits, its hard not to see how in 8 years or less, we will have full legalization across the country for the use of marijuana.

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