League Of Legends Worlds 2016 SemiFinal Picks

LoL Worlds 2016 Semi Finals Picks

With Worlds nearing it’s conclusion, it’s time to look at picks for the semifinal matches of the League of Legends World Championships. These four teams are the ones that have proven their skill and powerful macro, proving that they’re the four strongest teams on the planet. However, only two can win, and those teams are the teams we’ll be looking at today. Do note that all games are listed in Eastern Time.

SKT T1 vs. Rox Tigers

This is actually probably the game that’ll decide the entire World Championships. These two teams are the Korean Powerhouses that took to the rift in the finale last year, and fate has them fighting one game early this time. It’s entirely likely that this is a close series, but like to SKT-T1 to take the win.

They’re strong in every position and their macro is just as good, and Rox doesn’t mechanically shine in all their roles consistently, like SKT does. Not to mention the fact that Rox looked like they were having a hard time in the group stages against teams like Counter Logic Gaming and Albus Nox Luna. These teams were able to take advantage of their historically weaker early game and punish them for it, CLG going as far as taking a game off of them.

SKT on the other hand has a strong early game, and really a strong game in general. The only hope for Rox is for Peanut to bully out Bengi/Blank and tilt the solo lanes, but that’s a lot of responsibility on one person against one of the best teams in the world, and I don’t see him being consistent enough to pull it off for three games, as SKT adapts to whatever Rox throws at them.

Verdict: SKT 3 – 2 ROX

H2K vs. Samsung Galaxy

This game is likely to be a little closer than the former, with H2K and SSG appearing like their regular power levels are the same. I have to lean towards H2K to win this game, which is something I never thought I’d be saying.

H2K just has stronger players, and when they play the map like they should, they just take over the game. Odoamne is stronger than Cuvee, and H2K’s bottom lane is stronger than Samsungs. The only wildcards are the junglers and midlaners, and unless you decide to give Crown his Viktor, you’re not too worried about him carrying the entire game. Ryu is good enough to not get solo killed by Crown on anything else.

Similarly, Odoamne isn’t likely to feed relentlessly against Cuvee, even in a bad matchup and Forgiven and Vander are looking to make a name for themselves by taking down SSG’s bot lane, they have the skill to do it. The shining light for Samsung is the threat of H2K being forced to take the Ambition Submission Position. If Samsungs jungler, Ambition, finds himself able to snowball his important laners, H2K will be in a lot of trouble, but I don’t see that being a consistent win condition for Samsung, not unless H2K just refuses to adapt, but that shouldn’t happen. That’s not how you make it to the Quarterfinals, I can’t imagine them starting to do it here.

Verdict: H2K 3 – 2 SSG

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