Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Official Breakdown

Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor

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For what feels like has been going on for some time now, the talks of a super fight between UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, and undefeated pound-for-pound great, boxing owns, Floyd Mayweather seems to have been slowly dying. However, just a few days ago, Mayweather made an offer to “The Notorious”, which involved him walking home with a whopping $15 million dollars. This may seem like a lot to any person, but McGregor had previously stated he wanted an outrageous $100 million for the bout.


The offers don’t end there though. Just yesterday, UFC president, Dana White, offered both McGregor and Mayweather $50 million split (with each getting a $25 million-dollar purse for the bout), and would discuss pay-per-view shares later. Floyd “Money” Mayweather pushed aside the offer when asked about it, stating, “he’s a f*cking comedian”. Mayweather, being one of the wealthiest athletes on the planet, seems to have quickly shrugged off the offer, but we know one thing, this super fight is buzzing more than ever before.


Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Breakdown:

Now, when it comes to breaking down this fight, it may just be common sense. If it is an MMA bout, The Irish stud dusts one of the greatest boxers ever to grace the ring. If it is a boxing match, McGregor will stand no chance against the speed and defensive abilities that Mayweather possesses. However, most, if not all of the talk between these two superstars getting in the same cage/ring has been a boxing match. So, for this breakdown we will primarily focus around these two if they were to engage in a boxing bout.

Floyd Mayweather (Attributes)Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor official breakdown

  • Height- 5’8
  • Walk around weight- 155-160
  • Reach- 72”
  • Record (Boxing)- 49-0
  • Age- 39

Conor McGregor (Attributes)

  • Height- 5’9
  • Walk around weight- 155-160
  • Reach- 74”
  • Record (MMA)- 21-3
  • Age- 28

Looking at the fighter’s attribute, it’s clear that McGregor has some distinct physical advantages over Mayweather. First, the Irish sensation already fights in a long, southpaw stance that almost every one of his opponents have not been able to handle inside the cage. Secondly, he has the height, weight, and reach advantage over ‘Money’, which is something that would be a key factor I think in the bout. Lastly, McGregor is just now hitting his prime while Mayweather has arguably been out of his for quite some time. With that being said, Mayweather is still one of the best boxers on the planet, outclassing everyone who has crossed his path in the ring.


However, we cannot dispute a few things about McGregor. Despite most experts just going with Mayweather in the fight, there’s still ways ‘The Notorious’ can pull off the massive upset. McGregor has traits about his personality that we’ve never really seen before in an athlete of his caliber. His psychological warfare against the likes of Jose Aldo and Eddie Alvarez are nothing less but remarkable. I think given enough time, he can mentally break just about anybody.


Floyd cannot be disputed in this either though. His confidence is on such a different level than everyone, (perhaps even McGregor) that he feels untouchable. Also, being the smaller guy in this fight may work more towards his favor giving it is just boxing, and he has some of the fastest hands on earth. He knows more angles in the ring than McGregor will, and his head movement and countering is like no other. But, what do these two warriors really hold over one another?



Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Advantages:

Floyd Mayweather:

  • Speed
  • Experience
  • Calmness
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Confidence

Conor McGregor:Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor official breakdown

  • Reach and fighting style
  • Mental Warfare
  • Creativity
  • Power and KO ability
  • Confidence

Now, let’s explain what each of these advantages mean heading into the bout. For Floyd, it’s pretty self-explanatory what he holds on Conor. He has much, much, much more experience not only in a boxing ring, but professional fights. His fight IQ for boxing will also play a major role in the fight. Also, his ability to stay calm in threatening situations in the ring is something that could be huge if Mayweather were to get tagged early on. His speed is something also that may surprise McGregor, even if he believes he is prepared for it. He’s known for lightning fast hands, but his footwork and ability to cut off angles is just truly a work of art in the boxing world.


Finally, his confidence is honestly higher than McGregor’s. Think about it just for a second. He is undefeated across nearly 50 professional bouts and one of the highest paid athletes in the world, with his total career earnings being around the $700 million mark. Now, that’s impressive, and something that actually may negate some of McGregor’s trash-talking, as he likes to bring up and brag about how much income he earns from his bouts with various fighters under the UFC banner.


For ‘The Notorious One’, his advantages may be a bit more “free”, if you will. To start off, his fighting style inside the octagon is unique and personal to himself as an individual. Mayweather may have the advantage in experience, but it’s clear that he has never really faced anyone quite as unique as McGregor in terms of uniqueness. Also, although I stated previously that Mayweather’s earnings may take away some of Conor’s mental tactics, but certainly not all. There are many different approaches McGregor can jab at with Floyd, and could very well easily get into the undefeated boxer’s head.


Another great point to bring up in the advantage department for McGregor is his creative striking ability. Granted this will be a boxing match, McGregor will still be able to let loose inside the ring and I’m sure surprise Floyd with a few tricks up his sleeve. To go along with his ability to produce certain shots that others can’t, he has almost un-human like power in his hands, particularly his infamous ‘Celtic Cross’. I believe this is his best weapon if he hopes to take out one of the best pound-for-pound boxers ever to live, and it certainly is not without reason. Finally, even though Mayweather may just have that slight edge in confidence, McGregor’s will ensure that Floyd cannot break him on the mental side of things.



Now, for the real reason you are here. Who will win this unforgettable boxing match against two of the best athletes in their respected fields? Despite there being a decent chance of McGregor landing a clean shot and KO’ing Mayweather, I just do not think that is the most reasonable outcome. I think Floyd’s defensive and counter abilities will be too much for McGregor, gassing the Irishman out and dragging the fight into its deepest waters.


mayweather vs mcgregor boxing match


Official Pick: Floyd Mayweather def. Conor McGregor via Unanimous Decision


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  1. Jagdeep Sandhu says:

    Great analysis. I was mulling over this fight earlier today and my analysis hit on a lot of the same points but not to your excellent in depth analysis. I too see this fight as very likely going the distance with McGregor gassing out but he has the power to keep Floyd at bay. If he can somehow work on his jab, he could do the same thing Oscar did and keep Floyd at distance since he has the height and reach advantage, although slightly. A smart disciplined fight, attacking the body, with the occasional head shot attempt would be smart by McGregor. Something similar to the way Kovelov fought against B-Hop in that he kept his distance and was not tricked by the feints and traps. Hard straight punches should work well for McGregor and his unpredictability and creativity should keep him from becoming too predictable since Floyd’s the best at figuring guys out and then setting up traps to counter late in fights, where he always dominates.

    • I’ll have to look up those matches you mentioned, I follow mma more. If you watch Nick Diaz (Nates brother) fight shamrock, watch the weird style of striking. He stretches all his long limbs out so shamrock can’t even get close. I wasn’t surprised when Mcgregor lost to nate, but the second fight was an onslaught of boxing. Mcgregor outboxed Nate 3 out 5 rounds. It was incredible seeing mcgregor defeat an opponent that he shouldn’t be able to hit bc Nate is an amazing ju jitsu fighter. You get too close and he’ll take you down. This fight will probably break records in sales.

    • yeah completely agree!!!

  2. It should be interesting, mma is so much less predictable than boxing. Mcgregor can take 100s of punches with those 1 oz mma gloves so a 10 oz glove would take a lot just to knock him down. The variables I personally look at are the conditioning and muscle memory each fighter has. MMA is a different chess game. The fighters are conditioned to defend hand strikes, leg kicks and takedowns without having to think. It’s very hard to untrain this muscle memory but it requires incredible awareness and reaction time. Mayweather is conditioned to react to shoulder, hand and head movements. Mayweathers eyes don’t even close or flinch, his muscle memory is conditioned so well that he never has to think to dodge, weave and counter a punch while naturally having the fastest reflexes I’ve ever seen in a hand striker. Boxers also tend to make themselves less a target by turning sideways with one shoulder straight to their opponent. MMA uses a straight forward technique most of the time to let the opponent think they might try a takedown, straight kick or jab. Mayweather uses his own version of the Philly shell defense that frustrates opponents. Another variable to consider is that mma fighters can use the cage wall to attack. I’d predict Mayweather would keep pushing Mcgregor into that 90 degree corner whenever he chooses to attack him with flurries of punches but mcgregor is a master at countering while moving backwards. The match could absolutely go full 12 rounds, Mcgregor will be in the best cardio shape in his entire life but Mayweather should win atleast 9 rounds easy. It’s a ridiculous fight but it will help the MMA industry so that fighters can better negotiate their own bouts just like boxers can. If the fight is interesting, a new market could be made.

  3. McGregor doesn’t walk around at 155 to 160. He easily walks around at 175 to 185 depending on whether it’s 10 days to 30 days out. Right now he is easily 175. Floyd will step into the ring at 150 and Conor will likely be 170 once he hydrates and eats.

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