Five Keys To Surviving The Dog Days Of Fantasy Baseball

With 162 games being played every year, it is perfectly normal for a bit of fatigue to set in. Most fans of fantasy baseballfantasy baseball call the games right after the All-Star break and through most of the August the “dog days of baseball.”


The problem with the dog days of baseball when it comes to fantasy baseball is, these weeks still count. This is actually the perfect time to take advantage of other players in your league who might be a bit fatigued changing their lineup every single day. Here are five tips on improving your record in fantasy baseball during the dog days of summer.


  1. Find the time to set the rosters. By around July, even the most die-hard fantasy baseball owners might find it a bit of trouble to constantly check their teams and field a roster each day. Even though it can be tedious, often you can set an entire week’s lineup in 5-10 minutes. If you can find the time while other players in your league might not, it helps you move up in the standings
  2. Don’t overthink things. The baseball season is more than half over, so for the most part people know what they are getting from certain players. Since this is the case, there is no need to overthink things and try out new players. Start the players who are performing, and look to trade or release the struggling ones for new players. Don’t let loyalty bring your fantasy team down.
  3. Watch the waiver wire. This is around the time when some fantasy baseball owners get a little eccentric and do crazy things. Some might even cut players because of a rough patch. Always be on the lookout for a dumb release, so you can snatch them up for your playoff run. This is also a great way to find replacements if one of your key players end up hitting the DL and can’t play for an extended period of time.
  4. Use Disabled List (DL) spots accordingly. To continue with #3, you would be surprised how many fantasy baseball owners do not properly use the disabled list during the season. In essence, once a player hits the DL you can put them on the list and then pick up another player. Most leagues allow you to store up to three players on the DL. Often times, fantasy baseball owners will end up finding a key player due to this, and then when the person comes off the DL they end up dropping another struggling player instead of the pickup.
  5. Prepare for the playoffs. Unlike regular baseball, fantasy baseball playoffs take place at the end of September. That means that if you don’t start really paying attention until September, there is a chance you could be on the outside looking in during your league’s playoffs. While you want to get a good seed, it is also important to end up building a team for playoff run.


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