Five Golf Betting Tips to Boost Your Winning Rate

The popularity of golf betting online is steadily rising in the last few years, and there’s no sign that it’s going to slow down any time soon. Golf, unlike most sports, is mostly a mental game. This fact alone makes the act of placing bets a lot more tricky than say, betting on who will win in a boxing match or a football game. With that in mind, heeding the golf betting tips in this article will steer you in the right direction.

  1. Golf Betting Tips- Be A Fan of the Sport

In order to win you need to know the sport in all its aspects – the players, the rules, tournaments, and statistical categories. You can use your knowledge on all these and be able to come up with the best bet after some extensive analysis. For example, it might be wise to bet on a player known for his long drives when he’s playing on a long course, since that first drive gives him a good chance to get closer to the hole in a fewer amount of swings than other golfers. Keeping track of what happens in the sport – what tournament is playing at a particular time, the final list of winners, statistical results, who’s hot or not – can be used to give yourself an advantage when golf betting online. This is simply one of the most important golf betting tips you’ll ever receive.

2. Golf Betting Tips- Don’t Rely Too Much On The Big Names

Betting on big names might sound logical, but considering that there are odds to consider in betting, it’s not always a nice idea. This is even more emphasized in golf, since each tournament can have as many as 100 participants. Even the best player in the game, Tiger Woods, is more likely to lose than win in a tournament.

3. Golf Betting Tips- Don’t Forget Each-Way Betting

Betting on the outright winner can win you some big profit, but the chances of that happening are slim, so you might as well consider each-way betting as well. This type of betting allows you to bet on players for the top five. That means you still win some money if, for example, the player you bet on places fifth in the tournament. It’s not as big as betting for the winner but at least you get a better payoff in the long run.

4. Golf Betting Tips- Leave Room for Bets On Later Rounds

Bettors are always put under pressure to place their bets even before the tournament starts. It is, however, perfectly fine to make your bets even after the tournament starts. How players fared in the first round is a good indicator of what players to pick in the later rounds.

5. Golf Betting Tips- Consider All The Options

There are many aspects in the game that people can use to make bets on. You can choose to play matchups, where you choose two golfers and pick on who will place higher at the end of the tournament. You can pick the overall winner, or you can play the aforementioned each-way betting. This is very profitable especially for those who know the many nuances of the game.

Golf betting online can be very profitable to those who take the time to find out the tricks of the trade. Follow all the golf betting tips mentioned here and you’ll be reaping the rewards soon enough.

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