FanDuel Announces Their Baseball Playboy Mansion Tournament

Baseball fans around the country have certainly enjoyed watching their favorite team in the first week of the 2016 regular season. Of course, thats not the only way to really get into the 162-game regular season. FanDuel is once again offering a variety of daily fantasy baseball contests, and the Playboy Baseball Championship might be the top opportunity for many to win big and have an amazing experience.

FanDuel is partnering with Playboy to offer a unique experience not offered anywhere else in daily fantasy. With $600,000 in prizes, 80 players in total will qualify for the championships in Los Angeles. Thats a pretty good deal, and its nice to see that FanDuel is trying to offer the trip to the Playboy Mansion to a lot of different players. All of a sudden, it doesnt seem nearly impossible to qualify like in some contests.

The prize money grabs the attention, but this is also about the trip and experience. The Playboy Mansion speaks for itself. For two nights, a qualifier and one guest can enjoy living the life in Los Angeles. Everything is taken care of by FanDuel, so winners dont have to worry about a thing for two days in June.

So, how does qualifying work? FanDuel has everything spelled out on their website. There will be 80 spots open, and everyone has to go the qualifying route. It looks as though qualifiers are going to cost about $25, which is about standard compared to the past. Winning money is one thing in daily fantasy sports, but an amazing experience makes this so much better. With a fairly quick turnaround (championship starts on June 3rd), they will likely run other similar contests throughout the season as well.

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