Casino El Luchador Review

The new El Luchador (Spanish for “the fighter”) casino game from Bovada is one of the most fun slot games I’ve played. What originally drew me in were the current specials Bovada is running for the game, but I could see myself playing it for a while.


If you know how casino-style slots are played online, you have a pretty good idea on how Bovada’s El Luchador plays. The name fits the game perfectly with all of its wild and crazy imagery around the game.


Since the game revolves around fighters, specifically the “lucha libre” freestyle wrestling that is huge in Spanish-speaking countries, the promotions that Bovada is currently running offers a lot of related prizes.


El Luchador is your basic 25 pay line and 5 reel slot game with bets per line ranging from a penny to five dollars. The thing that I like most about this casino slot game that gives it a bit of lasting appeal is that they spent a long time on the atmosphere of the slots. Sure, deep down it might be very similar to other casino slot games online, but you can appreciate the work they did to make it have that Spanish-flavor.


There is also a Ring Pick Feature and Fly High Wilds Feature that can give you a few surprise wins or bonuses. I won’t say exactly how they work, because it is different every time. The one time I got either bonus when I played, I received bonus credits.


I will say that if you are thinking of getting into playing casino slots of any sort, the casino El Luchador is the place to start at the time. For only a short period, they are offering up to $75 cash back and a chance to win a vacation to Mexico City, highlighted by a real life luchadores fight in Arena Mexico. With the higher odds to win and the chance for a vacation, this will be my new casino slots game for a while.

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