Can Injured Players Help During The Stretch Run?

This season, a lot of fantasy baseball stalwarts have been sidelined by injury. While most people are simply storing these former all-stars on their DL, the question becomes: will they provide value once healthy this season?


It’s a tough dilemma if you an owner of Roy Halladay, CC Sabathia, Evan Longoria, Troy Tulowitzki and more. The problem is, even if they do come back this season, they are going to be more prone to days off, especially if their team is not in the playoff run. This is not a very reliable fantasy baseballfantasy baseball player that an owner can depend on to provide value.


The tip to remember in fantasy baseball is to realize in one year leagues, no one is untouchable and uncuttable. If there are other league owners who are high on a certain player, it might be more beneficial to trade them now than to deal with the headache. Some owners might still be high on a player, even though they really have no clue when exactly they are going to return to full strength.


Another strategy is to just hold on to the player and see if they are truly back to full strength. With DL spots, this can be done rather easily. The only downfall to this is if the pitcher or position player ends up really struggling after injury. Now, you are stuck with an underperforming player that no one really wants to trade for.


Sometimes, fantasy baseball is all about making rather odd decisions. The Phillies are not going to cut Roy Halladay, the Yankees aren’t going to cut C.C. Sabathia and the Rays are certainly not going to cut Evan Longoria. If production is what you need for the months of August and September though, it might just be something a fantasy baseball owner needs to do.



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