Brace Yourselves, the Spoilers Are Coming: Game of Thrones Twitter Etiquette

With a Twitter following greater in numbers than Daenerys’ army, Game of Thrones was the most tweeted about TV show in the entire previous year. The chances are it will be the case this year as well, and with the new episode of Season 7 right around the corner, the show’s army of Twitter followers is on their toes.


Among other things, social networks are notorious for their potential to spoil one’s enjoyment in new episodes of a favorite TV show. Every die-hard Game of Thrones fan remembers the ‘Red Wedding’ spoiler fiasco when a huge and unexpected thing happened in the episode and was spoiled within seconds by numerous Twitter and other social media users. So if you didn’t see it the moment it first aired on the East Coast, it may have been ruined for you.


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Spoilers on Twitter are like White Walkers beyond the Wall – you know they are lurking around and there’s little you can do to stop them. As far as fans are concerned, Jon Snow is not the only one enjoying blissful ignorance – when it comes to new episodes of Game of Thrones, millions of viewers all over the world would like to be in Jon Snow’s shoes, at least until the episode airs worldwide. People just want to sit down, turn on the TV, tune in to the new season, and say to themselves: “I KNOW NOTHING”.


With that in mind, we’ve created a short guideline for those Twitter users who do not want to spoil others’ viewing experience. In addition, there are a few tips on how to avoid spoilers on Twitter.


No spoilers (at least) until it has aired on all hemispheres

When does it become okay to discuss a TV show publicly and post spoilers? At what time is it acceptable to start tweeting about Game of Thrones? Opinions differ.

A general rule may be – ‘No spoilers until it has aired on all hemispheres.’ Not just on the West Coast because, contrary to popular belief, people outside the US do watch TV… Of course, even after 24 hours or more, there will still be people who haven’t seen it. Just like there are still people who haven’t seen the original Twin Peaks or Doctor Who, or… you get the point.


No major plot twists

In case you can’t restrain from that inner urge to share with the entire world that you’re watching a new episode, at least be considerate enough not to reveal any major plot twists.

So, it may be okay (although unnecessary and unimaginative) to tweet ‘Wow, the new GoT episode just left me speechless’ but a tweet like ‘OMG, [insert_character_name] just died! My life has lost all meaning, screw you George R. R. Martin’ would just not be in accordance with our spoiler-free Twitter etiquette.


No screenshots, GIFs, memes while still airing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is true of spoilers as well. Just because you didn’t write it, doesn’t mean you didn’t spoil it.


How to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers on Twitter?

The most obvious and most reliable way is to STAY OFF Twitter. But since we don’t use social media just for discussing TV shows, it may be difficult to steer clear from social media for hours, days, weeks, or even months, until we watch the episode.

If you cannot survive for long without Twitter, which is most probably the case, the solution may be to get one of those extensions (such as Game of Spoils or Spoiler Shield) for your browser that blocks mentions from Twitter and other places where people may discuss dragons, midgets, and Targaryens.

Alternatively, there is a new Twitter feature that allows you to mute certain phrases or hashtags (such as #GameofThrones, #GoT, #WinterIsComing #GoTSeason7) and prevent posts containing those from showing.

And even if you follow the advice from the above, you’ll still not be completely safe from spoilers as there’s a fair chance some random guy in the street will, in desperation, cry out the name of a recently deceased Game of Thrones character.


Be that as it may, stay alert – Twitter is dark and full of spoilers.

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