With the recent announcement of’s sign up bonus of 100% up to $1000 for new members, the website definitely caught my attention. After taking a look at it and playing around a bit with the options on the website, so far it is living up to the hype. Review Review

Sports fans all over the world are always intrigued to put some money where their mouth is. The most rapid sports enthusiasts always believe they can predict the future, and for some people, they can just well enough to end up on top. The sign up bonus allows players to get a little extra money to play with while they get their feet wet on the new website.


The first thing every person should look at when signing up for a new sports betting website is their variety of events to bet on. While football, soccer and basketball will always be the most popular events, options are always nice to have. Players on can take advantage of anything obscure, from cricket odds to even entertainment/political lines.


Users will find the website pretty easy to navigate around, with a pretty simply website design overall. There is nothing particularly out of the ordinary here, but the good thing is that there were never any issues or slow loading times to have to navigate through. No one has time for any of that.


The biggest question most people have with any sports betting website is the deposit and payout process. Everything is done efficiently, allowing people to get straight to playing and using their money right away after winning big.


Although the website is still relatively new (founded in 2011 in Costa Rica), has scored favorable reviews from other users in their brief history. The sign up bonus enticed me originally, but the website is dependable and offers enough options for people to continue sticking around for the long run.


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