APT Macu Poker Tournament Review

Everyone loves bonus when it comes to playing poker. Any time you can increase your chances of winning, that is definitely a plus. The Bovada APT Macu Poker Tournament not only allows you to qualify for bigger tournaments, but it is also giving new player a 100% welcome bonus to start out.


Bovada has recently been pushing their poker rooms. I’ve tried a lot of the options that they now showcase, and out of all of them, the APT Macu Poker Tournament is one of the best ways to win money and qualify for satellite freeroll tournaments down the road.


I know if you are like me, chances are you might be a bit puzzled as to what the APT Macau is and how the whole setup works. Basically, all you have to do to get a ticket to the exclusive APT Macau Satellite Freeroll is sign up and fund your account. Getting started is easy and not very expensive, so you definitely do not have to be a high roller to start making some money.


Personally, I found the chances to win with the current specials from Bovada to be a great deal. Normally I do not play poker for money, but the risk is low and the reward is high. This is a great game to start if you are just trying to start with poker playing online.


Each APT Macau Satellite Freeroll is exclusive and pays out $1,100. It’s not life changing type of money, but if you are like myself, it sure would feel good to win money at a card game you love.


Try it out if you get the chance. It is easy to get started and even get hooked a bit if you aren’t careful. The good thing is that you don’t have to put much of your actual money on the line.

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