2017 Annual NFL Survivor Pool

Hey guys, it’s that time of the year again…FOOTBALL!!! Yup, we’ll be hosting our annual survivor football pool this year. What first started out with just a couple of the fellas, has now grown to over 200+ people. (Last year’s winner took home over $2,000) We listed the guidelines down below & DM us on Twitter for more info or to join: @bettingtips101

Entry Fee: $20

Deadline To Enter: 9/8/2017


2017 NFL Survivor Pool Guidelines

1.  Each week, submit ONE team that you are confident will win. No points, no spreads, just straight up win. Picks must be submitted by noon Friday, however if you are picking a team that plays in the Thursday night game then you need to send in your pick by Wednesday at noon. All other players must submit their picks by Friday noon. We will send the grid listing every players picks by Saturday evening.


2. Your team must win outright- all ties are considered a loss.


3. You may only pick each team once (if you take the Patriots in week 1, you cannot pick them again for the rest of the season).


4.  Last participant to remain in the winner’s bracket takes home 75% of the prize pool (the pot is $20 per player)


5.  If all remaining participants lose in the same week,  all players will continue in the winners bracket the following week.


6. If there are multiple players remaining when the NFL regular season ends, all will deemed winners and split the pot equally.


7. If you lose, you will be automatically entered into the losers bracket. Same rules apply in the loser’s bracket, winner of the loser’s bracket takes home the remaining 25% of the prize pool. Lose in this bracket and you are done for the season.

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